Dr. Bezirganyan (second from the right) with his team, (his wife, Dr. Siranush Bezirganyan (third from the right), and his son Robert (fourth from the right) at
SPIE Symposium on Optical Engineering + Applications (SPIE 2009)
, August 2009, San Diego, CA, USA

X-ROM, Inc. located in Greater Seattle Area, Washington State, was founded in 2012 by Dr. Hakob Bezirganyan of Yerevan State University in Armenia to pursue the development of X-ray-based ultra-high density optical data storage with the fast readout based on the research he and his team of dedicated scientists have done at the x-ray laboratory at the Yerevan State University in Armenia and V Group, Inc. in New Jersey, USA.

After graduating from Moscow Federal State Unitary Enterprise All-Russian Electro
Technical Institute in 1980 with post-graduate degree, Dr. Bezirganyan started his life-long journey in the field of X-Ray Optics at the x-ray lab attached to the Faculty of Solid State Physics of the Yerevan State University. Very quickly he became an expert in the problems of x-ray, extreme ultraviolet and neutron wave propagation in the periodical structures and electron dynamic diffraction in the single crystals. He is generally considered by his colleagues as an expert in the use of x-ray standing waves and grazing-angle incidence x-ray diffraction in investigating micro and nanostructures.

Dr. Bezirganyan firmly believed that the answer to the exponential growth of information in the 21st century is an ultra-high density data storage, which is durable and has fast readout speeds. Being an expert in the field of X-ray Diffraction Optics and Semiconductors, Dr. Bezirganyan has devised x-ray backscattering-based techniques applied to silicon wafers to design such optical storage capable of densities of 10 Tbits per square inch of the silicon medium layer. Working with his wife and colleague, Dr. Siranush Bezirganyan, together they have published their ground breaking research in this applied field as a series of articles at various international scientific events, symposiums, and publications. Dr. Bezirganyan was a frequent participant and a contributor to the major international scientific events dedicated to the problems of X-Ray Diffraction Optics and Crystallography.

Dr. Siranush Bezirganyan at the XXI Congress of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr 2008), August 2008, Osaka, JAPAN

After his passing in August of 2018, his work and research is being continued by his wife, Dr. Siranush Bezirganyan, his sons and his colleagues.